"Oh yes you can!" by Donna

I have worked hard all of my life.  I’ve been supporting myself since the age of thirteen.  Life has not always been easy, but I was blessed with a good sense of humor and a loving family that helped me be a survivor.  Also, my “can do” attitude has helped me to be self-sufficient in the many businesses that I have successfully owned and managed.

I was always self-employed and didn’t retire until my early 70’s.  As long as you enjoy your work, you’re never too old.  My various business experiences at different times included grocery stores, hamburger stands, owning and running a motel, residential and commercial management, and being in real estate sales for 23 years.

During the early 1970’s very few women worked in real estate sales.  I was a leader in a man’s business.  The men said I couldn’t do it, but I proved them wrong.  I was successful because I liked people.  I liked to protect them and help them.  My clients became my friends and trusted me.  I was organized, ethical, had a vision, and “wanted everything done yesterday” so I worked hard to make my business run smoothly.

I tried to pass on some of these beliefs to my children.  At a young age, I taught them by example the value of hard work and a business ethic.  Both of my sons run successful businesses.  One is a general contractor and the other is a realtor and developer.

I fought for what I believe in- faith, family and friends.  I now try to be a spokesperson for the other residents at Fort Vancouver Convalescent who have difficulty expressing themselves.  Also, I try to make every day a learning experience and get to know new friends.

Dreams are worth having.  If you can’t sleep don’t count sheep, talk to the Shepard.  That’s what I do when I pray.  When I look back I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished.  It’s what you learn after you think you know it all really counts.  And that’s the truth, too!