Every person deserves to be understood. This is the central component of our services. It fosters the development of bonding relationships which can be generalized by the residents we serve to enhance social relationships and support in their day to day lives. We use a variety of empirically validated approaches within an individual therapy format to work towards accomplishing each resident’s treatment goals. Residents and treatment team staff consistently report that residents receiving Senior Connections services have experienced increased quality of life. The people we serve come first.

Tailored to each resident's needs

Every person admitted to a long-term care facility experiences feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, guilt and shame that result in increased stress on everyone concerned. Senior Connections' licensed clinical psychologists and their staff provide a complete program of psychological services specifically created to help residents adjust to late life losses.

We support and assist residents, family members, physicians and staff in recognizing problems and formulating solutions.

There is something amazing about experiencing the world from the perspective of the very old, sharing the last stages of their lives with them. In some ways they are like the very young, having forgotten a lifetime or being consumed by the enormity of present happenings. The existential questions surrounding death, freedom, isolation, and meaning are both personal and acute. When I am with these people, I feel honored and when I am not, I hold them gently in my heart.
— Mary Kenney PhD


  • Resolve late-life losses.
  • Retain self-respect.
  • Renew a sense of control.
  • Reduce anxiety and fear.
  • Move anger to understanding.
  • Increase pleasure in daily life.
  • Improve family relationships.
  • Develop socialization.
  • Alleviate depression.
  • Comply with medical orders.
  • Reduce aggressive behavior.
  • Enhance spiritual alignment.