The Story of Ruth

Ruth was born in Norman, Oklahoma, one of four children.  She had one sister and two brothers.  Her father owned a grocery store and her mother stayed home and took care of the children.

When Ruth was a young woman, she met a man she loved.  He was attending school at the University of Portland when his grandmother invited Helen over to her house for tea – setting up a meeting between Ruth and the young man.  The young man had already heard a lot about Helen from his grandmother.

After he graduated they were married and moved to South America where they lived for fourteen years.  Ruth entertained while her husband worked as a businessman.  He was a very smart man.

After his death, Ruth returned to New York all by herself.  They had previously lived in New York for a short time, but when she returned all their friends had moved away.
Ruth had very little money so she walked from New York to Grants Pass, OR, where she knew some people.  It took months to get there.

Ruth is now 96 years old. She reads a lot and had fewer adventures now than earlier in life.  Each day she rises, dresses in pretty clothes and puts on earrings and perfume.