Go for the Gusto!

The support of all of my family has enriched and blessed my life so very much.  The strength of my kids has helped my get through things.  We all got together and just said this is the way it is and we’ll just deal with it.  My gratitude goes beyond words.
I’m happy with my life.  I’ve never identified with my physical problems.  Dwelling on my sickness doesn’t get me anywhere.  

My parents were great role models and taught me the courage to go in life, to be good to the people who take care of you and to have faith.  People have to get on with their lives and not let anything stop them.  When I had knee surgery, I met an 80 year old lady who had surgery on both of her knees.  She took in stride and kept right on going.

So why get depressed? Go for the gusto!